Energy Research & Development

Helping to create a cleaner world using water as its source

Sustainable energy for the domestic and commercial markets

Clean Energy Technology has created a unique process using water that creates hydrogen and electricity that can be used throughout the world in many uses.

Domestic & Commercial Heating

  • Domestic & Commercial on grid facilities can be provided with either a mixed gas or 100% hydrogen.
  • Domestic & Commercial off grid facilities will have a system available subject to manufacturers provisions.
  • All domestic and commercial heating systems can be operated on Hydrogen/Oxygen alone and this will be subject to manufacturers producing the compliant equipment accordingly.


  • Motor transport relating to cars and light vans up to 3500kg gross that operate on petrol and diesel will have a conversion system available.
  • Motor transport relating to HGV’s up to 44000kg gross will have a conversion system available

Power Grid

  • Electricity production from Hydrogen directly to the grid as a power source.
  • Hydrogen production that can be stored and converted to electricity as and when required.

Greenhouse Facilities

  • Commercial greenhouse facilities that can benefit in many ways from using Hydrogen and enjoy a green working environment.